Heat Pump Water Heater

My Shower never felt so refreshing….


Emmvee Solarizer heat pump-based water heater is a necessity in all modern residences and buildings, equipped with modern jet shower, rain shower, jacuzzi etc.

The heat pump based water heater as an advantage of providing bulk hot water at a desired temperature as an when required.


  • Solarizer Heat Pump
  • Heat Pump - Solarizer
Solarizer Heat Pump Benefits: 


Consumes less electrical energy

Solarizer Heat pump water heater consumes less electrical energy. The heat pump-based water heater absorbs heat from the air and heats up the up the water in the tank, consuming only about ¼* of the electrical energy that would be required if electrical element heater is used to heat the water volumetric capacity.

COP of heat pump more than 3.8

During summer the heat pump operates at higher efficiency and in colder months, the heat pump will operate at a slightly lesser efficiency. The heat pump efficiency is measured in a unit called “COP”(co-efficient of performance). A typical heat pump’s COP would be between 2.5–4 depending upon the season and other factors.

Magnesium anodes

Solarizer heat pump water heater comes with factory fitted magnesium anode which protects the tank against the corrosion enhancing the life of the storage tank.

Enamelled Tank

Emmvee’s unique glass enamelled tank prevents the build-up of rust and bacteria, keeping your hotwater clean and hygienic.