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Sitemap Solarizer Ultra

Solarizer Ultra  is the best solar water heating solution for  hardest water conditions, without the worry of corrosion, leaks or blockages,  using the latest technology and the highest quality manufacture from the house of Emmvee.

Advanced Heat Exchanger

Solarizer Ultra  is advanced heat exchanger technology transfers heat from the collector to the tank through specially formulated fluid, means the copper tubes remain free from the sediments that cause blockages.

Enamel Coated Steel Tank

This unique high quality “Glass enamelled tank” prevents the build-up of rust and bacteria, keeping your hot water clean and hygienic.  The Pressurized version  comes with “Pressure & Air relief valve”,  ensure water is safely delivered to your systems at the optimal pressure.

The Absorber

The all new full-plate absorber provides more area to absorb sunlight. The highly selective German coating through sputtering technology emits almost no radiation is an impressive feature providing highest  solar energy  yield. The whole panel is done with latest laser welding technique which gives superior heat  transfer and durability.

The Solar Glass

Greater heating performance by using the most advanced solar glass, the new collector gives better performance even in cloudy weather. Translucent textured solar glass gives an aesthetic appearance too.

TANK Spec :

Collector Spec :

Material of storage Tank


Glass Enamel Coating

Absorber construction


Single Sheet absorber



CFC Free PUF - Thickness : 50mm

Absorber coating


High Selectice coating

Absorpity : 0.95+/- 0.02

Emmissivity : 0.047+/- 0.02

Outer Cladding


Pre-coated steel (RAL7035)



Solar Glass or textured toughened glass.

Safety valve


6 Bar Pressure relief valve for pressurized system.

Retainer Key for Glass


Extruded aluminium with grey powder coating (RAL 7037)

Tank protection


Aluminium Anode

Rubber beading for glass


EPDM Rubber

Tank working pressure


6 bar for pressurized system.

Collector weight (Dry)


32 Kgs.

Tank construction


Jacketed Type heat Exchanger

Heat Exchange medium


Glycol Mixture

Tank capacity


100, 200, 300 and 500 LPD

Maximum working pressure


10 bar