Emmvee Solarizer fit for heights

Emmvee have installed more than 25 solar water heating systems in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh, India.

The temperature in Kullu and Manali varies from -1.73⁰c to 26.3⁰c. Under normal conditions, the hot water requirement per person is about 25 litres per day (LPD). Emmvee’s planning and design team configurated a system for 40 LPD per person to bring more efficiency for the needs of the people of a rather cold region.

Emmvee has gained an expertise for remote and high altitude regions by having installed a large number ofsolar water heating systems in this area. The installation was very challenging as there was a gradient roof top at an altitude above 6,400 ft.

The solar systems supplied are Solarizer Plus Heat Exchanger Models with a 300LPD and 500LPD capacity. Two 500 LPD systems for two residences were installed in Manali and three 300 LPD systems for 3 residences were installed in Kullu. All the installed systems are used for bathing purposes.

Glass enamelled Solarizer Plus tanks with flat plate collectors using heat exchanger technology were used for the installation. Emmvee is the only manufacturer of glass enamel coated tanks of sizes varying from 100 to 3000 litres for solar water heating systems in India. The life time of a glass enamelled tank is considerably higher compared to stainless steel tanks. The additional layer of glass enamel on the steel layer increases the strength of the tank, the resistivity against corrosion and provides hygienic water quality for a long time even in the hilly regions where temperature conditions are extreme.

Sharing his experience, Mr. D.V.Manjunatha, founder and Managing Director of Emmvee, says: ”Considering the fact that the temperatures in hill stations are extreme, we are pleased that the performance of Solarizer Plus is highly efficient. The installation went smooth despite the gradient rooftop and higher altitude thanks to our expert installation team.”

India and USA reinforce R&D in clean energies

Indo – US Joint Clean Energy Research and Development Centre (JCERDC) a joint initiative of the Government of India and the US Department of Energy, aims to facilitate Research and Development on clean energy by teams of scientists, technologists and engineers from India and the United States, and related joint activities, needed to deploy clean energy technologies rapidly. This Centre also proposes to support multi-institutional network projects using public-private partnership model of funding.

The Indian and US Governments have committed an amount equal to US $25 Million spread over a period of 5 years for 3 priority areas of Solar Energy , Second Generation of Bio-fuels and Energy Efficiency of Buildings.