Su-Kam Power Systems Limited, the leading player in the power back-up industry in India, unveiled Su-Kam Brainy – a complete solar package for home usage and Solar Power Conditioning Unit.

One of the main attractions was “Brainy” – a complete solar package for home usage that operates on both Solar as well as Grid Power. It enables a common user to install the complete solar system at his home and utilize the solar energy generated from the panel to charge the battery and reduce his consumption from grid power. Su-Kam is providing the complete package to the end user which consist of 850 VA UPS with in-built solar charge controller, solar panel and a trolley

Solar Power Conditioning Unit is an integrated Solar System which runs both on Solar and Grid power and is mainly for medium to large consumption. It consists of solar charge controller and inverter that enable users to charge the battery bank for the inverter either through grid power or solar power. Solar Charge Controllers are required for monitoring and controlling the charging of battery bank connected to the PV modules.

Apart from this, the other main attractions were the complete range of solar products for diverse requirements of customer’s need right from the small solar powered Home lighting solutions, MPPT based Solar Charge controller, High Capacity & High frequency Solar Inverters, Grid Interactive Solar Inverter, Solar Series Batteries, a remote monitoring software to control, monitor and operate solar power solutions in remote areas.

Apart from Solar Products, Su-Kam plans to focus more on big Solar Projects both in rooftop and centralized street lighting solutions, similar to what we have done at Assam Rifles, Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency, Assam State Electricity board, to name a few.

The solar industry has a growing share in the global energy market. According to a report, grid-connected solar systems should increase to about 42 GW in 2012, reflecting a double digit compounded annual growth rate.

The Indian Solar Energy sector has been growing rapidly, in the past few years, majorly due to Governments initiatives such as tax exemptions and subsidies. Due to technical potential of 5,000 trillion kWh per year to minimize the operating cost, Solar Power is considered to be the best suited energy source for India. Today the Solar power has an installed capacity of 1000 MW which is about less than 0.1% usage, currently total installed renewable energy stands at 13,242.41 MW as per MNRE.

Speaking on Su-Kam’s commitment to the Solar sector Mr. Kunwer Sachdev, Managing Director, Su-Kam said, “With theSolar products market in India constantly evolving, the user requirements and needs are also constantly changing. Hence it is very important to understand the market acceptance of the product before launching them. Going forward, Solar would also be a key focus area for Su-Kam with a large number of investments already ear-marked for development and manufacturing facility of Solar products. Su-Kam already has an exhaustive range of solar products available in the market covering wide range of sectors such as: Residential Bungalows, Industries, Hospitals, Banks, Commercial Establishments, Telecom, Rural Areas, Corporate offices, State and Central Govt. offices and institutions. We plan to invest Rs. 200 Cr in the sector over the next 3 years.”

“Alternatives like Solar and Wind energy and hybrid systems can address the challenge of power unavailability in semi-urban, rural and remote areas. Renewable energy will not only cut down the operational expenditure by 15-20% but also address problems that arise due to power crisis. The subsidy provided by the government for Solar Power Providers will offer major benefits to key market players,” added Mr. Sachdev.