Rooftop Solar Power

Rooftop Power
Solar Roof Top System:

You can generate your own electricity for your home / office/ School /college / organizations / factory, from freely available sunlight on your terrace / roof/ land.

Solar rooftop power give an uninterrupted power for 4-5 hours every day for the specified load. It can be even customized for 24/7 power backup.

You can contribute to a clean environment, reduce carbon footprint and global warming by using solar products.

Few Configurations:
System Details 1K Watt Peak 2K Watt Peak 3K Watt Peak
PV Module 250w*4 250w*8 250w*12
Solar Inverter 1250VA 2500VA 3750VA
Battery Bank 150AH*2 150AH*4 200*4