Solarizer Elite


Solarizer Elite

Solarizer Elite Benefits: 

Unique Heat Exchanger Design

·          No freezing of water in extreme cold conditions due to the glycol-water mixture circulating in the heat exchanger.

3 Years Warranty

·         Solarizer Elite comes with the comfort of a 3-year warranty from the House of Emmvee, India’s leading solar water heater manufacturer.

International Quality Standards

·          Solarizer Elite is the only product made in India to have the Solar Keymark, the highest standard of global quality certification in the solar industry.

·          Emmvee uses only the highest quality components in Solarizer Elite, such as our CE mark heater thermostat.

Durability Assured

·         Solarizer Elite’s unique glass enamelled tank protects it from the corrosive effects of hard water.

·         The double circuit system helps protect the entire system from corrosion and other damage.

·          A Premium Magnesium anode prevents impurities from affecting heating performance.

Highest Aesthetic Considerations

·         Solarizer Elite’s screw-less collector is fitted with stylish translucent glass to give a discrete and modern look.

·          An internal expansion tank and compact piping minimise the impact on the architectural design of your home.

·         Easy mounting for sloped roofs makes it suitable for all architectural styles.

Safest System

·         Solarizer Elite comes with high quality safety valves at inlets and outlets to ensure risk-free performance, even under high pressure.

·         Its robust stand design can withstand wind speeds of up to 150 km/h, when mounted as per the company’s recommendation.