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Solarizer Solar Water Heater


How it works ……..


By gravity flow, water from the cold-water tank enters the solar tank, in turn flows into the copper tubes of Solar panel. As the sun rises, its energy falls on the absorber fins and tubes, begins heating the water contained therein. The heated water being lighter than the cold water rises and via the top header pipe of the absorber, flows into the top of the solar tank. The more cold water from the solar tank flows into the absorber tubes, gets heated and rises to the top, and so on.

This process is called ‘Thermosyphon Process’ and this Thermosyphon Process continue until the temperature of the water in the solar tank and the absorber equalizes. Now the solar tank is full of hot water.

Solarizer Solar

Solarizer is the only solar water heating system which is entirely manufactured in house, and Installed through RR Technologies . Emmvee Solar is backed by a strong R&D Department which helps in introducing new models and also continuously enhancing on the Quality & Performance of a system which is already proven and established.

Glass Enamel Coated Tank

Glass Enamel Tank


Glass Enamel Coated Tanks EMMVEE is the only manufacturer of glass enamel coated tanks of sizes varying from 100 to 3000 litres for solar water heating systems in India. The life time of a glass enamelled tank is higher when compared to stainless steel tanks.

Unique Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger : This type of Solar water heating system used when the original cold water (from the source) contains chemical contents and is therefore hard water. Thermal fluid (Distilled water) is filled through make-up tank to the outer tank shell. In turn, this fluid gets circulated through the solar fins and tubes and goes back into the top of the outer tank. This fluid acts as a heat transfer media and prevents clogging of the copper tubes due to chemical contents in the original water source. The inner tank gets filled with cold water from the original cold water source. Since the inner tank is immersed within the outer tank, the heat gets transferred to the inner tank through the conducted and convection method and the water in the inner tank gets heated up and available for hot water utility..